About Me

Mark My Style is a blog written by a twenty-something protagonist who happens to be a bit of a sock enthusiast. You will find that nothing will ever be too forced and you will never see content that is not strongly sought after. 

I am Mark Anthony (I have the birth cert to prove it!) and I am not an influencer. I come here to scribble down my current thoughts. 

I grew up in a small-town called Portlaoise, which is situated in the middle of Ireland and it was pretty enjoyable growing up there, for the most part. But it was apparent from early on that it just wasn't a place where I could develop as a person. At seventeen, armed with a drive to succeed, I moved to Dublin for University. I sound like a D**K, omg. 

Since making my move to the big smoke, I contributed as a creative director to several charity fashion shows and had multiple spreads in EILE Magazine as a fashion editor. I also became a frequent contributor over on Frockadvisor and FaFinder, amongst others.

Although fashion has had a major influence on my life and is evident in most of my posts, my life experiences tend to take the driving seat - be it good or bad. Mark My Style was created in 2013 and has exceeded all of my hopes and dreams, so far. However, with time, comes change.


All images used throughout 'Mark My Style' have been taken by myself, Mark Anthony. Any other external images shall be credited accordingly. Feel free to use any images, however, credits and links back to 'Mark My Style' must be used.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (even if it's just for a little chat).