They say that you shouldn't let people grill your style. The last thing you want is a well-done outfit to become a rare occasion... Sounds like something your dad would say, am I right? Over the past couple of weeks, I have been clearing some junk out of my apartment and I came across a couple (A LOT) of old memories, as you do. Notably, I was quite struck by a photo of myself and my dad, when I was a kid. Dad had style!!

I may be a few years off the pace, but correct me if I am wrong - what goes around comes around? Me personally, I am used to mocking my dad for his style choices. And now I am full-blown mimicking them. You could say, following in your father's footsteps has never been so relevant. When I take a look at that photo, I credit him but there is this haunting realisation where I wore a similar outfit to an interview in London with Urban Outfitters. I haven't viewed this photo in years? Did I subconsciously remember this moment? Was it down to the recent popularisation of the father figure?

Many, many questions. But, what frustrates me most is, many publications have delved into this trend and have tried to pinpoint a public figure as the reasoning behind everyone wanting to wear an oversized shirt with some stone coloured jeans. Surely one could have just been influenced by their own father, no? It's funny, our dad's had a very practical beginning, not knowing they would literally become this umbrella figure, throwing out inspiration from the most unlikeliest of places and becoming a niche in the fashion world at the same time.