How's your head been holding up during these absurd times? It's a strange one when you think about it. We are such social creatures at the end of the day. Coming to the realization that a hug or a handshake can be infectious has been utterly ridiculous, but these are the times we live in. It's not a natural feeling when we have to think about social distancing from one and another for prolonged periods. Although self-isolation protects us from spreading the virus, it will certainly have its repercussions. It has only exacerbated feelings of anxiety and depression for many.

Myself included, to be honest. I won't lie, I have had many good days during all of this, but there have been times where my mood will just do a complete u-turn. I dunno, do you put that down to what we are currently experiencing, or do you think that is how your mental health has always been and you have never noticed the drastic changes due to our general surroundings? Given the time, one can talk themselves into such a predicament and then, in turn, can't talk themselves out of it. It is actually quite fascinating. 

I think we can all agree that people tend to fear the unknown. We love to look ahead but have you ever noticed how much we actually look away, afraid of what terrible things might be coming down the line? We survive on the basis that we will not face our fears alone. When we band together, we find strength in numbers. Hindsight is a pretty great thing, to be honest, and truthfully, the not knowing - maybe that's not something we should fear? It is there to be embraced. It is what makes this such a testing, but great, adventure, in a sense.