Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid? Maybe that's too vague actually. We all wanted to be anything and everything, am I right? How about during school? Comics jumped out at me during my preteen years. So much so that you would find every Beano and Dandy book just laying around the place. And then you had multiple Marvel and Looney Tunes purchases throughout the year too. Creating, wondering, imaging - they are such important activities for any of us. For me, they ended up consuming me to a point that I wanted to teach art when I 'grew up'. I was told I would never be accepted to art college if I didn't show a bit of variety in my work, but instead, I continued to draw cartoon characters and with that, another dream died a slow death.

Fast forward, a couple (more than a couple) years, I reckon I would have never lasted the pace in an art college. As much as I loved drawing, I feel it may have not been for me. However, my love of art has become more relevant than ever these days. This time in the form of street art. 

Or should I call it graffiti? Many seem to class it as such. Street art can be controversial, BUT, it is also seen as a voice for social change and protest. And in many cases, it is an expression of a communities desire. But let's make one thing clear here, a 'tag' is not street art. 

I recently replaced my old DSLR and I have been snap-happy since. And at this point, street art has in a sense been the most accessible form of contemporary art. I will wait if you wish to debate it? It is pretty strange that museums haven't taken to street art as much as they should have given the popular cachet, market power, and press interest? Of course, not every piece of street art is worthy of such a feat but should it not at least be considered? Far too often it's just blatantly classed as graffiti. If that same piece of 'graffiti' was painted onto a canvas and on display in 'The Louvre', would you feel the same? 

As a kid, art granted me a much-needed outlet that I will never forget. But sometimes I think people forget that it is not just another painting. It is not just another piece of street art. It reflects the feelings of one or a collective and there is something to be said there, even if we don't get it. That we should not criticise. I have always loved expressing myself through the art form and now I actually can't tell you how happy it makes me to go around snapping something that means the world to another.