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A new hero in your bathroom

As a kid growing up, I always use to hate the thought of going to the dentist. I think most kids did, am I right? I did the bare minimum with brushing each day (and night if I was made). Then of course there was the excessive brush before you got to the dentist when you thought you had them fooled. One thing I never really liked though was electric toothbrushes. That is until now. 

You see most electric toothbrushes only remove some plaque and bacteria, ION-Sei's revolutionary, patented technology not only removes plaque, it also controls the bacteria that causes it, which in turn reduces the risk of gum disease and cavities. I'm not usually one to get behind a new brand of toothbrush but this felt pretty damn good in my mouth. Don't let your mind wander now. Would you use one? Should I do a sneaky giveaway? 

| m a r k  a n t h o n y |

- This blog post is sponsored by Ion-Sei, but all opinions are my own. 
- All items have been provided by Ion-Sei and Lisergy Consulting.
- More information can be found here.
- You can also find your own Ion-Sei toothbrush at Brown Thomas + Arnotts this month. 
- This is the part where I put AD, right?