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A country once traveled

Growing up, I never thought I'd leave the countryside. Well that was until I kick started my soccer career. If only... My childhood was fun when I was torturing my sister and I had a solid group of friends. But there was always something missing: travel. Over the years I have noticed that my life has been incredibly insular; I was only affected by what happened in my very tiny corner of the world. I have left the country twice in the past eight months - more times than the past seven years. It's funny, by design, we love to take a look at the lives of others. Even if it seems a bit intrusive. Travel seems to yank us right out of our comfort zones. There is something quite enlightening about an unfamiliar world. I have well and truly started to scratch that itch and man am I glad I have. I visited Luxembourg recently and what a little beauty it is. You could say it has style in all the right spaces?

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