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"M" is for. . .

A little while ago I got asked 'why are you still blogging?' And I am not going to lie, it hit me hard. The question wasn't put to me in a hurtful way, but just genuine curiosity. Many people think of blogging as a dead ball game nowadays. But is it? Or has it just been cast into the shadows by the next 'it' thing? There is no denying that it was at the forefront for years and in many instances, you could say it still is. A few years ago, I deleted my first blog because I hated everything about it. I think it took me the guts of nearly two years, maybe more, to come up 'mark my style'. But it was that moment of creativeness that hit me, that moment I found an outlet to write down whatever I wanted. I feel I am a bit manic, meticulous, mischievous and pretty damn moody but I think that is what makes this. That and sitting on the floor constantly. In fairness though, you make some of your best decisions down here, pondering the next move.