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Lights out

Last night, I said goodbye to the night life industry for the first time in about ten years (I think!). Calm down, I'm not that old, I just got into it at a very young age. Its a little strange in fairness. Hospitality is kind of second nature given my up bringing so its always been an option. Not one I pictured myself being in for so long though. But to be honest, it has taken me out of some of my darkest days and given me some of my best. Its a funny ol' industry. And that goes for most who work it. Your mental health can take a massive turn when you are predominantly awake during the night time. A lot of people don't even consider that. Having said that, I'm pretty damn excited to move into something I've wanted to do for years. For now though, I'll see you again Wigwam.

|mark anthony|