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Hats off to you, lads

Over the years men have endured many trends. Flares, laddism, gym culture and lumersexuality are just a few to note. However, something that is on the rise, and not because of style or taste, but because of the changing face of masculinity, is men's interest groups. There are more and more conversations around men and modern masculinity and this has opened up a whole bunch of topics about mental health, male suicide rates and breaking down those barriers on what you could call toxic masculinity. You don't have to be a genius to notice that the majority of men deal with things in isolation and don't ask for help. It's kind of the same thing that mental health and suicide problems are about. As awareness builds around these things, men's interest groups have become a bit of a thing as a result. This is definitely a movement I don't want to see go the way of sideburns. Hats off to you, lads.

|mark anthony|