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Absolutely Clueless

Do you remember when you were growing up and loving the hardy boys mysterious and being so obsessed with Stretch Armstrong (such a genius name) until it ripped? Me too. But do you remember watching movies as a kid and getting so engrossed in them that all you actually wanted was for your life to be exactly like it was in the movies? Lets take Clueless for example. That was one of the ultimate "How To Be A Teenager" flicks, right? The dream was to go through school like a breeze. Talking your way from a C+ to an A-, driving a convertible (just cause you can), kissing someone with braces and not having that fear of something getting stuck, or thinking to yourself "as if" when someone particularly unattractive hits on you. I bet the last one still happens? It is actually extremely amusing how clueless we were as kids. 

|mark anthony|