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Man Up

If there is one thing that I have learnt, it is to stand up and say you have a problem. But man, I've only been able to do that recently. I came across a campaign last week that really hit me and its kind of frustrated me since. Not at the campaign but at the worlds general view of men. Being told to "be a man" or "man up" are probably some of the most destructive terms today. I'm fairly sure its been said to you at some point of your life, right? And even though you may not have realised it, that experience affected you. However, I cant just sit here and act all high and mighty when I throw around derogatory terms from time to time. The difference here is though that I only do that with my closest mates where I have found a happy medium and I know the boundary. That boundary is crossed when you end up being detrimental to a guys self esteem and confidence though. Being a man has always been linked with power, wealth and athletic prowess but it is these associations that are most damaging. To put it simply, "man up" is far too ambiguous. It is maybe even too obscure and vaguely constructive at that. Society has managed to confuse what emotions are acceptable for men throughout our youth but at this point, it is evident that it pervades all ages. Of course, I am not saying there is a ballet dancer in all of us, but we can stop stigma and allow lads to be lads, whatever their interests or inclinations. 

|mark anthony|