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Paris Fashion Week Men's [ A/W'18 ]

What if i was to say that London Fashion Week was your hip cousin? And he was young and knew about all the trends before everyone else. And of course, he had a much better wardrobe than you - sigh. That would probably make Milan Fashion Week Men's your long lost granddad, right? Lets just go with this shall we? You rarely see this guy but any memory you have of him brings back a constant smell of cigars. He may drink like a fish but he is always more than happy to tell you stories about the past and throw you an old bespoke suit or two. I guess that leaves Paris then? Hmmm. Lets say he is your overly trendy, even a little obnoxious step brother from the step father you never liked. But still, you end up being impressed everytime you hang out. 

Paris Fashion Week was hit with new Harvey Weinstein claims last week and many of which overshadowed the event itself. But I feel like that is a topic for later in the week. However, many designers reacted quickly to this. The likes of Julien David, Walter Van Beirendonck + Comme des Garcons all sent monster like figures down the runway. Dogs, pigs and even dinosaur heads were all present here. Rick Owens even reacted by ripping his clothes in anger. It was pretty evident that suppressing rage in this moment could not be done. 

Things took a little bit of a drastic turn when Ugg boots were sent down the runway by Y/Project. I know. But this time they were thigh high. Can I say 'I know' again? However, Etudes made things a little political when they took stand against President Trump. Someone was bound to do it, right? In retaliation against the so called 'fake news', clothes were seen with 'The Truth Is Hard' slogans throughout. 

The season does suggest that winter is coming so its no real surprise that tartan dominated some shows. I mean it did run through about three quarters of the collections here in Paris. From some street style brands like Andrea Crews and Facetasm to White Mountaneering, Henrik Vibskov, Thom Browne and Alexander McQueen - there was definitely a tartan army on march. 

The chunky sneaker took on a life of its own throughout London and Milan but not here in Paris. Robust boots were the favoured form of footwear here. Peaky Blinders vibes were at large. Dior paid homage to Dr Martens with its own version of the boot while people were going crazy for Rick Owens suede boots with extended soles. To be honest, most suits were paired with boots with John Galliano and Vetements all jumping on board. 

With the amount of money that is currently being invested in men's fashion, it is no surprise that the industry keeps insisting that men carry bags. It was a rare sight if a model was not holding a bag in some shape or form. Even designers that would never include things like that opted for them. 

People always say that art imitates life but it seems in this instance, life has imitated art. And although there was a lot of hype taken away from #PFW for all the wrong reasons, it is really positive to see the industry react in such a productive way. Paris was extremely lit.