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Currently [In Dublin]

So many people these days claim that there are no more subcultures around. To be fair, these claims are questionable at best. All you have to do is look at how many forms male fashion subsequently takes on. And if that doesn't do it for you then just look to the urban subculture that is Streetwear. Whether you want to admit it or not, streetwear is present in nearly every facet of life. This is a culture that is heavily rooted in counter culture. It is continuously taking inspiration from the hip hop scene, punk scenes and even the skater culture. This is a culture that is universal though. With its biggest scene in Japan and quite a tailored one in the likes of London, this allows places like Dublin to create is own raw version. And a version that will help set us apart at that. With things like District Magazine, Cleavage Club, + Coffee & Kicks (to name a few) creating hype around what was relatively a small scene to start with, there is no reason why Dublin cannot but right up there with its own unique streetwear differences. There are so many different niches around the city that allow people to explore to explore in a creative manner that is a very exciting time to be around Dublin. One thing you will notice though is that there is never a constant aesthetic. At any given point a trend can die and another will appear just as fast and it is that that makes it apparent that there is a streetwear culture on our fair aisle. At the end of the day though, regardless of what people say, you express your personality through your style - whether that is a uniform that is shared with the majority or if that is standing in line for a certain "hyped" piece. Streetwear is special though, and very dynamic. Influence can come from anywhere and anything. It allows one to become more fluid and a lot less stereotypical. It allows one to fit into a space that encourages this kind of behavior.