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Purple Patch

Isn't it funny how the simplest of things can have the biggest impacts on us? I mean, do you remember Popeye the sailor man? I use to love the guy. The cartoon as a whole takes us back to a time where things were much simpler, where people had a sole craft and the pace of living was a lot slower. Not to be getting nostalgic or anything but something that has been around just as long as Popeye, if not longer, is workwear. It is always the clothes that offer some sort of function that stick around isn't it? These are pieces that are pretty much fit for purpose basically. Think dockhands. Think carpenters. Think fishermen. Workwear is wearable in the truest sense if you will. Brands of this nature stick to what they know. Having said that, I was a little surprised to find Dickies releasing purple and yellow teddy fleeces. Perfect for Autumn though, eh?