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College Blues

It's been a good four (maybe five?) years since I walked off my college campus for the last time. I still remember it now. I was walking away from everything I knew. It was no Yale but I definitely left a piece of my heart on that campus. For as long as I can remember, I've always been drawn to pieces that conjure memories from the past. I blame nostalgia and my unwillingness to 'let go' for hanging on to those memories spent with friends. Even if they are a little distant. Less of the sad talk though. Without a doubt, over time, I have defiantly circled back to my college uniform: skinny jeans and something oversized and usually blue. Boy did I wear that superman jumper to death. I've added a few updates since but overall, not that much has changed (except maybe learning to put the tube of peroxide down...). If one thing is certain here though, going back to a uniform never felt so damn good.