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It's a Kappa Thing

Its been a solid ten days and I've really lost the run of myself. What am I like. However, when we tend to put something to the side for a while, we always make our way back to it. Its kind of like how the 1990's conjures up nostalgic memories of the past - a simpler time. I mean, Bart Simpson was showing us how to 'do the Bartman' and there was still a tiny chance that Ross and Rachel might actually end up together (It still should have been Joey, though). 

Having said that, it wasn't all rosy. For some, the 1990's was plagued by crime - unfathomable crimes against style at that. How can we even forget those thick curtain hairstyles, let alone those overly bleached jeans. It wasn't all that bad though, I guess. Grave digging designers are turning back to those times after all and breathing new life into old favourites, like Kappa. Throw some '90's playground slurs like "your ma" into the mix and you are certainly good to go.