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London Fashion Week Men's SS18 - What You Need To Know | EILE Magazine Vol. 4 - Issue. 12

From snarling street style to teletubbies on the runway, to general peacockery throughout the city - of course London Fashion Week Men's come to mind. The circus kicked off in London last month and it showcased the threads and styles that we are likely to be sporting over the next twelve months. There are some cases that could be debatable, but sure look. This year felt a little different than the rest though. I know it was my first to attend but you can always get a feel for it straight away. It was almost like there was no direction. But hey, with everything that has been happening in the UK as of late and our current political climate, you cant really blame people for becoming a little jaded. With a short trip back to London just around the corner I thought it was time for a little throwback within my latest piece for EILE.