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Brooding Loner

Ever since I was a boy I can remember having had a mild obsession with James Dean. I mean, who wouldn't? I have always thought of him as the ultimate rebel. He was never street tough though. But he did have this brooding loner attitude down to an absolute T. From that ever so sly twinkle in his eye down to his laissez-faire approach to life, James Dean was and will continue to be idolized by many (including, yours truly). However, if we were to look at it in the traditional sense, I am no rebel but I do like a challenge and I will always contest the easy routes that show up in life. I don't know what it is about the colours black and charcoal that immediately erk badass-ness. I'm no James Dean and I am certainly no badass but these socks are definitely trying to be (a badass that is). If one thing is certain though, its that these colours will always hold that little bit more edge.