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Summer Denim

You gotta love the spring and autumn here. It doesn't even have to be Dublin. It could be any city to be honest. But one thing you can't seem to beat is the summer. All of your favourite restaurants decide to open up outdoor seating, the wine is flowing and best of all, there is so much happiness everywhere. Everyone is just thrilled to be able to soak up those rays. Typically, throughout the summer I am usually stuck in shorts but this year I've struggled a little because I got a little too addicted to roll necks in the winter. Change was needed. A summer in Ireland is a difficult one - you just don't know what to expect. And on that note, that is where 'Summer Denim' comes into the frame. I haven't been in a blue pair of skinny jeans for as long as I can remember and to find a pair that is pretty close to the only shade of blue that I will consider makes me pretty happy. Most importantly though, when us guys find a pair of jeans that aren't terribly taut and our legs can actually breathe a bit - its one of the best feelings, right lads? I best get out there and snag myself a few more pairs.