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In Short(s)

One thing is for sure on this side of the ocean - if you give us even a peak of sun we will be rifling through every piece of clothing and shop displays in search of something that allows our legs to breathe. When it comes to shorts then its all in the name really: the shorter, the better. There may be a bit of clarity needed here though. While I personally wear shorts with inseams that are a little shorter than well, your average Joe, there has to be a point when shorts are just glorified thongs. I mean, I once seen a guy wearing hot pants and ever since I've been scarred from taking those inseams any shorter. But, each to their own and all that jazz. 

For many guys there is a feeling of fear around wearing shorts that come above the knee. Maybe that's because they are afraid of their bits hanging out like they are auditioning for a part in The Full Monty. I dunno? If you think about it though, there is plenty of fabric there to cover up those insecurities. No offence to your bits, of course.