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London Bound

Ah that big ol' world of ours, it never stops turning. And as men, we should probably never stop improving. They say we should always be trying to make better sense of the world. A lot more of our time should be spent becoming a lot more well rounded as humans. A bit more interesting if you will. Having said that though, a lot of my time seems to be spent on transport. Between attempts to arrive punctual and appeasing that public transport bug I seem to have, I've ridden just about every mode of transport (I think!) within the past year or two. That is all bar one. It is no surprise that I love being on the go but getting on a plane is not a very big habit of mine. Old habits die hard though. I am London bound, finally. 

I am always over the mood when I see my friends find success and when they get to experience moments in life that are special and truly once in a lifetime but I never really bring myself into that or give it much thought. I just get so content with just doing what I do. That is why I never actually thought I would get the chance to go to London Fashion Week: Men's. EVER. To get an approval email from the British Fashion Council has been one of my biggest highlights yet. London, I cannot wait. I will see you this June.