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Earn Your Stripes

Us menfolk have become pretty confident in our style choices over the past couple of years and while there are some that would probably disagree, I feel like it is a very fair statement. And while we continue to grow in confidence, the weather continues to change and that prompts us to move away from our plain greys (my favourite) and winter blacks. It is almost like a window, or even a windowpane at that, opens up in our wardrobes asking us to give it move lively prints and patterns - a little more spice. Disclaimer: Accidentally pouring chilli sauce on your favourite shirts can probably be avoided here. . .

In time-honoured sun shinning tradition, men are once again required to earn their stripes. There is one difference this time around though - the only way is up. On a side note though, who else loves that song? Vertical stripes dominated so many menswear shows recently so it only makes sense that we do them justice, right? Despite style and even age, stripes work right across the board.