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Watch Your Back

There is always a time for a bit of vibrancy. Heck, it could be all the sick hawaiian prints from last summer, or even a pastel sock that brings your outfit to life. That colour wheel that we know too well spins in and out of trend every few months. But sometimes it gets a little tiring when you are always wondering whether one colour will go with the other. Sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes you just need a colour to have your back, always.

In this instance, of course its those darker tones. Black is always going to be the new black. It is never going to be the colour of the year. But do you know what it will do? It wont add pounds (woo!) and it will hardly ever clash. And even at that, when you spill that can over yourself it will never ever tell the tale. Your secret is safe here, buddy. It doesn't matter if you wanna dabble a little in darkness or maybe even the deceptively easy all black eeerrthing, its got your back.