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Ready, Set, Spring

Ah, spring has finally sprung here in Dublin City. No more massive wintry coats and boots that would get you through mountains of snow. I couldn't be happier to be honest. Spring is a tricky transition though. You could say its like a caretaker manager who is set to be replaced at the end of May. A meteorological caretaker that is. But even at that, this caretaker is keen to impress. 

Spring is a very fine line. But I'm sure you can walk the line more unfailingly than Johnny Cash. Just maybe not in all black. We will come back to that another time. For me though, I've spent the last few weeks restocking my wardrobe (did you just hear my bank account screaming?) with some new favorites - printed trousers, sports tops and a couple of fun shirts to start with. Just remember though, its Spring and not spring break. Nobody needs to be calling the undercover fashion police on you for acting like you are in 22 Jump Street. . .