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Game On

Ah nostalgia, you never seem to leave us. In this instance though it seems to have become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon in recent times. Since the turn of 2010 the eighties and nineties have been pushed out into the retro zone - no complaints from my corner. But because of this so many styles have been having a little something you could call a revival. Many once popular styles are looking for that feeling of all things old school and with sportswear dominating the industry, it is not really a huge surprise that there is a little bit of a renaissance happening. 

For me, I personally love a bit of a resurgence. That's probably why I couldn't resist buying this somewhat jock-like rugby shirt from Urban Outfitters. It may be extremely 90's and even a little bit pretentious but I cant help but love it. Looking back on it, I'm not sure what category I fit into in school - I was kind of a bit of everything (jock, nerd, loner (sometimes)). One thing is for sure though, give me a ball and I would be happy out. Thankfully that never changed. Now its just all down to timing.