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Boy Blue

It's funny how colour can be such a powerful thing. It can literally make your mood or completely diminish it. You would never think it but weightlifters will lug more if they are surrounded by blue walls - how crazy is that? It is a different story when it comes to your wardrobe though. They can sometimes be hard to harness. The likes of yellow and pink will always look good on a hanger, but they most likely wont sit well alongside your skin tone, or even team up with whatever else you want to wear. That's not me saying you are completely opposed to wearing all those appealing bright colours, but your grey, black and navy have not failed you just yet. 

An other one of those colours is blue. This is a hue that bridges those shining brights and sober shades. Its a colour that lets you step right outside of your comfort zone. It is a shade that allows a point of difference without turning you into a dartboard for digs. Its pretty much a fail safe colour that allows you to shake up your look - who doesn't want that?