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Prints Charming

A couple of days ago I had planned for this post to be all about Yeezy season 5 - the excitement was very real. But in truth, I was a little disappointed to be honest. But they say change is good right? Life is all about progression and accepting it at that. You could say it's what being human is all about. It's a little like the journey we all take from complete style rookie to seasoned pro: we all know that what we liked years ago may not grab our attention now. One thing is for sure though - printed trousers caught my eyes a few years ago but I would have never wore them. Oh how the tables have turned. 

You see a fair amount of serious offences when you live in a big city. Pattern mixing being high up on that list. Printed trousers can be a tough one to style. I swear, I've had so many stares that you'd think I had 'abducted by aliens' plastered on my forehead. All you have to do though is take one pattern that stands out and play around it. Keep it simple. Pair the pattern with all white or even all black. It's pretty fool proof. Stylishly minimal and fool proof that is.

Ps. Don't climb trees trying to take photos. You will end up hurt. Sigh.