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New York Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day - 4]

Despite our best efforts, New York Fashion Week Men's came together and united against one thing while the rest of the world had been turned upside down - the state of current politics. However, apart from this unifying theme, there was one other thing that linked us all - the venue of each show. Gone are the days where the runway was the most important thing. These days, the venue is nearly as important as the clothes. Extravagant and off beat places are key. And if that keeps you interested, apparently word on the street is that slim fit is sticking around but more flow-y silhouettes are going to be more prominent this season. Will #NYFWM abide? 

Over the four days of this breathe taking marathon, dozens of designers were interviewed and the perplexity, anxiety, anger and concern was very clear. And this was made even clearer in their collections. This all was overshadowed by Raf Simons though for a little on [Day - 4]. It was all about welcoming Raf to his new hometown. And it seems he was doing the same by presenting a collection that celebrated the city itself. Raf wanted to give us a collection that inspired the youth and after 22 years, you could say that he has done just that. This was one that prompts you to use your voice instead of walking around it. Orley on the other hand gave its trademark aesthetic that extra push. But not only that, its signature knitwear pieces were twisted in a way that they had a huge variety of on trend staples. Represent brought us right back to the nineties with a sporty, upbeat and grunge mix that really got your blood flowing. Thaddeus O'Neil though went back even further, taking inspiration from the golden record that was put on the Voyager spacecraft in 1977. 

Its a little sad its all over to be honest. But if there is one thing that each designer did it was tell a story. Its the unexpected that attracts us and that is what happened here in New York. Many designers were expected to showcase basic pieces that would sell and stability in a world full of turmoil. But instead, riots were run and because of that, New York Fashion Week Men's AW17 is hard to forget, even four days after the closing of the last show.