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New York Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day - 3]

Each season, a designer has to choose a different genre to focus on. On a theme to build their whole collection around. This something that has to be clear from the moment you enter that room before the show or presentation starts. It all comes down to the fabrics, the textures, the fit and even the music. Designers have to think about something that is a little bit different each time. They have to inspire us, the critic. [Day - 1] and [Day - 2] of New York Fashion Week Men's shared a similar theme throughout with politics running riot but [Day - 3] seemed to have a different idea of how it wanted things to play out. Yes politics are important but aren't there more important things? 

It was about all things family over at Ovadia & sons when they showcased their new collection. Taking inspiration from their dads life abroad, this was a collection full of military and sport-y themes with a modern twist. Bode continued this trend by focusing on a theme based around our own homes with models performing a number of domestic tasks as they showcased the collection. A refreshing and different approach - wouldn't you agree? It wasn't only about the various themes throughout [Day - 3] though. Ralph Lauren made a return to #NYFWM while redefining menswear shapes and patterns (Did you expect any less?) and Hugo Boss decided to split up their men's and women's shows for the first time (I think?). This was a multidimensional collection that will definitely send Boss in the right direction under their new leadership. And then of course we had a marching band at John Elliott's show. That kept things interesting - not that it was needed. It was Matiere and Nautica that took all my attention though. So good. 

While battling the elements everyday it is easy to feel down and out. Its easy to look for something like politics to blame for life's woes. But it is refreshing to see such diversity in themes here in New York. But in truth, I wouldn't expect anything less from this place.