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New York Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day - 2]

For many, the Autumn and Winter months bring plummeting temperatures and a bit of snow here and there. You know yourself. Regardless, a chic coat is needed. New York City has always been a city that loves its monochrome uniform so it is no surprise that we are seeing luxurious coats, shearling, colourful collars on dark, brooding outerwear and lots and lots of fur throughout the streets. Real and faux at that. With hardly a whiff of colour in sight, will the street style of New York Fashion Week Men's dictate whats on the runway? 

Before I even started this post I didn't want to mention the word 'politics' once because I have mentioned it so much over the past month. But its pretty clear that this is the new normal for the foreseeable future anyway. From protests to subtly communicating emotion - menswear designers are not sitting back this time. Robert Geller sent his models out in fighting spirit with all models draped in camouflage and military-esque clothing. Pops of colour every so often represented that little bit of hope, However, Billy Reid tried to stay well away from any kind of politics. This resulted in a show that was both uplifting as well as luxurious. It was like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket watching this one. However, it was N. Hoolywood that went a little closer to home with a theme none of us would expect to be used - homeless people. This was put together really well but if I am being honest, I am very critical of the theme. Succeeding off someone else's misfortune just seems wrong. However, I guess that is just one of the sad truths of the world. It was NP Elliott that stood out for me though. This was a collection full of fight as it battled the boundaries of homogeneity. Brilliant. 

From pinstripes to plaid. Even an astronaut cameo - its no surprise that I don't want #NYFWM to end. Menswear designers have wasted no time in addressing the worlds problems. Most are even trying to find an antidote themselves. This is creating chaos but this is the best kind of chaos and we are finding comfort in just that.