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New York Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day - 1]

Ah, the boys are back in town. After a marathon are Europe that lasted nearly a whole month, the menswear caravan has finally arrived stateside. New York Fashion Week Men's kicked off on Monday for its fourth and most anticipated season yet. There have been newcomers, those you just cant get off the schedule and even those who have strayed in the past have returned to showcase their best for AW17. We welcome everyone with open arms (Trump, take note!), of course. Who will we take inspiration from this time around? 

Texture, colour and picket signs all made statements throughout [Day - 1] of New York Fashion Week Men's. Robert James came at us with a mix of fashion and politics. Politics was always going to be very prominent stateside this year. With looks made from bamboo fabrics and bio-degradable materials, this was a collection full of olive, black and taupe. While David Naman returned once again to #NYFWM to bring us back to the 70's. Texture played a big part throughout the first day with Max n' Chester exploring elevated workwear and Uri Minkoff showing us everything the urban commuter has to offer. However, it didn't just stop there. Woodhouse got quite conceptual, while Private Policy stood out by showing that they want to break down all those boundaries created by war and government that are the centre of fashion and society today. 

It was pretty evident that today's confusing political climate has impacted today's shows. It is causing every designer angst. And because of that, designers are looking to change peoples perceptions. They are trying to show us things that are familiar to us but spare a new idea at the same time. It is because of that that we are seeing the highs and lows here. The stresses and relaxation. We are learning that being a part of group is great but being alone is okay too.