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Mark Squared [A Collaboration w/ Mr. Jenks]

When you start to care about what you are actually wearing it can all be a little bit too much to process. It is no secret that men's fashion has caught up with its female counterpart, with the choices available for men growing to an overwhelming level in the last decade alone. A little like learning to swim, they say its important to start at the shallow end and then gradually work your way deeper. But even after you learn all the rules, sometimes it can feel like everyone else is miles ahead when it comes to style. This more often than not comes down to your own lack of attention to detail. From a simple alteration to a creative turn up, personalising your look is easier than you think. All it takes is a couple of tweaks - nobody is expecting you to go full on Gok Wan here. . . 

One of those simple tweaks is the pocket square - a little something that is a few centuries older than the modern suit itself. Dating all the way back to Shakespearean times, the pocket square has quite literally become a sartorial staple for the modern man. It doesn't matter if its cotton, silk or linen. It doesn't matter if its printed, plain or patterned. One of these pieces of cloth have the potential to make an average tailored look A+. From the three point fold to the casual fold, these are pieces of cloth that will always personalise your look. Accessories always have more than one use though. Don't be afraid to break those rules.