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They say you don't need money to be stylish. 'They say' being key here. But it makes you wonder if there was ever a time where they had to decided between forking out for a premium two piece suit or missing next months rent. And while money realistically cant buy you style, it sure as hell betters your chances. Would you think twice about dropping a couple of thousand on top tier clothes for every event if you were making your monies worth? For most of us though, we have to get a little creative. This is where those trustworthy basics come in. These versatile wardrobe staples will always have our backs - literally. 

For me, most of my style revolves around very specific items. It could be a quirky sock, a nice hoody or even a printed trouser. It is kind of funny because all throughout college I tried to break away from these inclinations but I guess why even question what we already innately know, right? Its all about embracing this affinity for statement pieces if you ask me. But what is a statement piece? Basically, it is the piece that draws the eye. Its like your bold colour. Your statement piece is like a hardwired attention hopeful.