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A Single Man

So, you have even surprised yourself and managed to get a reservation at this great restaurant, placed your order with the florist and, after many sleepless nights, you've picked the perfect gift. You have done everything to show you actually do care. But what the hell are you going to wear? Its surprisingly easy to leave your outfit to the last minute, but if you have invested in everything from fancy chocolates to a surprise trip away then pairing an old pair of vans with a tuxedo is just not going to do you justice. Here, its about dressing both stylishly and appropriately for whatever you've got planned this valentines day. 

For me - I have a bit of a love - hate relationship with the day. I would probably love Valentines day if I wasn't perpetually single. So you could say I hate it. Well - hate is probably a little harsh. Lets just say that I can appreciate what the day represents. But its just another day in February for me. But since Valentines is all about me - I will run a few errands and dress as cozy and comfortably (and as stylishly) as I can for my audience of one. Jeeze, I really am making this sound like such a pity party aren't I? To all my other single fellas (and ladies) out there though, stay strong and keep it cozy.