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Yeez-t Infection

Respect is quite hard to come by. Its something that takes time to earn. Well, it is in the world of menswear anyway. All the Gandy's of the world deserve every bit of the praise they get because of their well selected outfits. But these are looks that get a helping in hand with a salary that can get you personal stylists. And if there is one thing I know, its that money does not buy taste. There are so many so called 'street style gods' that we all worship nowadays but even those have had phases where they have suffered and caused us, the onlooker, to ask questions. However, after wardrobe penance, all can be forgiven. The journey towards style salvation can be a crazy one, a little like a jungle to be honest, but a leopard can change its spots. That's what they say anyway. 

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye - you either love him or hate him. There really is no in between. You are probably in denial, like me. For years he has moaned about being shut out by the fashion monarchy but over time, he has worked towards the top of the throne (or somewhat near the top). That has all come down to his Yeezy collection though. Him as a person doesn't stand a chance, but his collections speak for themselves. With Anna Wintour on speed dial and friends in Balmain - you can see why. 

But is this guy the visionary everyone thinks he is? Not really. Its pretty much the same thing from Kanye every season. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy his collections and I have even bought myself a jumper that looks like a pack of moths chewed on it but people are getting bored of seeing the same staples every season (spandex bodysuits, military jackets, dusty hoodies, everything beige). 

Regardless of what anyone thinks, Kanye West is one of the worlds biggest influencers. His style inspires many and everything he touches sells out in minutes. Most things he does become an instant hit. If anyone ever asks me my opinion on the guy I've always said I disliked him but yet I've been to his concerts and I own two pairs of Yeezys. Just a tad bit of denial there, Mark, is there? I have very much so got a yeez-t infection. I'm kinda proud of that one. The amount of self belief this man has is unwavering and you have to respect that.