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Paris Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day 3 / 4 / 5]

Over the past week, politics continued to dominate our news-feeds as one nation walked themselves into imprisonment, or ignominy if you will, many more fought against tyranny through marches. And while a certain inauguration was as flat as a pancake, the same could not be said for the remaining days of Paris Fashion Week Men's AW17 collections. Lumberjack checks, jeans, football scarves and puffer coats all became the new normal. You could say some were tactfully nuanced, while others had an urgent poignancy about themselves - there was no escaping politics here. 

Givenchy showed us that timing is everything on [Day - 3]. However, others would just call it look. Riccardo Tisci showed us his love for America just after the inauguration with his usual riffs on the stars and stripes and so much more. While on [Day - 4], Dior looked to the rave culture and produced a rather tough collection. Think black caps and combat boots. A culture that has moved to the forefront for the current youth - this was brilliant. Heads continued to turn throughout [Day - 4] with Thom Browne showcasing his vision of men at work in the future. While Kenzo closed off #PFWM with a collection with strong ties to climate change. Even President Obama’s speech after signing the Paris Agreement got played on a loop. 

That wasn't it though. With a collection called 'Boyhood', Comme Des Garcons Homme came to play and they did just that in their pink and lime wigs. While Acne targeted all the modern day sartorialist's out there. It was all about the chemistry between camouflage and couture then at Balmain. Lanvin then showcased a collection that focused heavily on shape, cut and construction. And Paul Smith went back to his tailoring roots with a strong collection of suits. 

Not to sound like a broken record, but many want people to know or think that turbulent times are ahead of us all so protective layering is one of many trends that seems to have come out of Paris Fashion Week Men's. But not only that - deconstruction, ath-leisure with ease, and playfulness too. The political climate can easily send a message to the whole world, but this designers aren't just sitting back. They are showing us that we have every tool at our disposal to fight back. Paris Fashion Week Men's AW17 took a step out of the norm and showed us why men's fashion is a force to be reckoned with.