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London Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day-4]

Ah, teenagers. What can you say really? You spend most of your formative years paving out a route for the 21st century metro-sexual male, experimenting more and more with realms of men's fashion - chokers, hair bands, spray on anything and everything and countless questionable others - only for it all to be dismissed with a single eye roll from a 17 year old. Teenagers, eh? I'm sure they would have had many an eye roll throughout [Day-4] of London Fashion Week Men's. But I guess that's what would have made it all the more bitter sweet. 

Songzio kicked things off on [Day-4] with a dramatic approach. This was a collection that swung between the romantic and the sweeping. The strict and buttoned up. However, it was the more dramatic silhouettes that gained a huge impact. Belstaff then gave us a collection that was both weathered and worn-in. All of this was combined through outerwear and tailored looks with inspiration coming from seafarers it would seem. John Lawrence Sullivan on the other hand showcased a collection that was full of strong tailoring options. Then included in this were moody weimar silhouettes. It was all very rich and retro. While the Qasimi was all about protesting - even if it did come off a little soft and quiet. It seems like they wanted to showcase the boys getting out of bed to protest. Almost saying that protest should be happening every day. 

However, it was Vivienne Westwood that took the spotlight on [Day-4] - and rightly so. Westwood wrapped up #LFWM with an eclectic showing which was full of edgy designs and even dresses for men. Standard. Colourful knits could be seen throughout as well as trousers as long as dresses and at times many arm cuffs. Men's suits were completely deconstructed at times and the odd cloak even made an appearance. And of course we cant forget about the face paint, paper crowns and colourful socks that were on show. This was a well thought out show but you wouldn't expect any less upon Vivienne Westwood's return to London. 

More often than not, the theatrics of a show can sometimes dominate over the clothes. And of course, we have seen that a few times at this seasons London Fashion Week Men's. But what we have seen more of is perfectly crafted clothing that men really want to wear. I'd even go as far to say even the most fickle of teenagers would have enjoyed this four day event.