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London Fashion Week Men's AW17 [Day-2]

[Day-2] of London Fashion Week Men's picked up from where we left it on [Day-1]. We are still very much so evoking memories of the past. You'd think we'd be fed up of that by now but these are the designers that just keep on giving. We are currently living in a world that is all about Trump and the fear is very real. Many have called a code red already. But you can see just how unnerving the harsh reality is throughout all these independent designers. These guys are proof that inspiration can come from the most unlikeliest of places. 

You could see just that in Christopher Shannon's collection. Taking inspiration from the builders he sees on his way to work and the bike couriers he deals with on a daily basis, this collection was nothing short of a punchy streetwear advertisement. Bright colours and fresh riffs played to Shannon's strengths here. Matthew Miller too took inspiration from a place he was familiar with. This time though it was politics and the military. This allowed him to incorporate subtle martial details into what many are calling a very sophisticated collection. Nylon combat vests, parachute bags and tweed bombers all fared well for some lovely silhouettes and layering ideas. Lou Dalton on the other hand had a different approach. She was heard saying that she "always has one bloke in mind, and wanted to create a cool uniform for him”. Lucky guy, eh? You can see why she goes from strength to strength each season. This was a lineup full of denim and knitwear that was tight and very polished. Oh, and lets mot forget - handsome. 

Later on, Casely-Hayford put us in a little bit of pickle. This was a collection that looked backward, but to the future at the same time. I feel like this one will take a little time to digest. Silhouettes were boxy and edgy but maybe, just maybe there was too much detail. While on the other hand, YMC gave us an easy collection. It was chic and contemporary. There was nothing rough or improvised about this display. It was only then that Patrick Grant showcased a cool and polished collection for E. Tautz. Such an eighties feel. However, it was Oliver Spencer that took all the applause on [Day-2]

Spencer "wanted to do much tougher clothing, much more interesting and straightforward — clothing for boys” this time around. Did he succeed though? This was a very masculine lineup, although subtly tinged with musical inspiration. This was a very handsome and unfussy collection full of simple pieces made from rich and natural fabrics. Having said that, inspiration was still taken from the unlikeliest of places once again. London Fashion Week Men's AW17 continues to storm it.