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Village Strides

Yesterday, I had planned to publish a new blog post. On what? Who knows. Instead I spent most of the afternoon roaming around my local village on a mission for inspiration. Inspiration that I may have lost a little lately. Is it the constant work load or is it just the Christmas season? Maybe its just that constant urge to prove yourself in your twenties no matter what? I walked up and down the side streets just kind of staring at people - which is kind of strange but that's fitting because, well, I am strange. 

I tend to look for inspiration in the strangest of places - it could be from the shape of a bicycle handlebar or even the prism of colour in oily water. I feel like they find me. Is that weird or can you relate to that a little? I know I probably sound like a Nepalese monk right about now but we are all on a constant journey of mental and spiritual growth. Every single facet of our being is taking in new and unusual experiences through each of our five senses. If it came down to it, I would probably choose to retain my sight over others. Kinda funny given I don't change my daily contacts all that often. . .

Being able to see colour and movement is something that really pushes my own personal creativity forward. It makes me ask questions, very silly ones at that, prodding me like an unseen phantom. One of the best parts about living in a big city is that you have the ability to sit on the steps of your front door and watch the city moving, oozing inspiration from every nook and cranny. It crazy how much a simple village stride can help too. I walked away from yesterday feeling more refreshed than I have in ages so now it’s time to tackle some rejuvenation… massages, anyone?