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Wool - Gathering

Remember when you were younger and your mother or whoever would arrive home with black bags full of clothes? Or maybe it was just black bags of clothes from your siblings? Whatever the case, there was a bit of hand me down clothing while I was growing up. I will never forget how attached I got to that Chicago Bulls jacket I got from my cousin or even that denim shearling jacket I nicked from my dads closet. However, there was always one thing I would avoid - those chunky wool sweaters. Now it wasn't that I didn't love worn in clothing. It was just the love - hate relationship I had with wool. It was it binding. It was itchy. And sometimes it just smelled awful. I avoided it at all costs for many years. Looking back, I liked to take many questionable risks with my wardrobe but I felt like wool was just too risky. 

Its funny how all that can change when you get to know all the different types of wool. That's when your whole world can be turned on its side. Maybe a little dramatic, but still. You don't want your grandmothers wool. You want wool that doesn't constrict you. Wool that moves with you. It needs to be breathable, malleable and of course, soft. Without a doubt spinners, knitters and weavers have made strides in wool innovation over the last fifteen years but has it been worth it if you are going to sweat your body weight in them? They say stay away from synthetics because they are chemically altered to absorb your body moisture. They also say opt for wool that is natural and biodegradable. But hey, that's your choice to make. I'm just happy I don't have to avoid wool like the black plague anymore.