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Most people I know despise winter. I guess it is pretty hard to compete with the warm weather summer brings. And lets not forget those rose filled afternoons, eh? Winters not all that bad though. You get to layer up, endlessly drink hot chocolate without feeling bad and you get to cozy up with a good book at the fire. Man I wish I had a fireplace. During the summer you shed so I basically live in short shorts and pop over shirts. In winter though, my uniform is almost always a turtle neck, black jeans and whatever socks match the rest - casual, comfortable and what I think is stylish! However, winter always brings out a curious side for me. Always. 

You could say that my curiosity has always been my greatest ally. But you could also say that my curiosity has been my most formidable opponent. I like to ask questions. I like to poke around. This time its with a few pairs of slacks though. Its easy to poke around with trainers, skinny jeans and crazy socks but I've always felt like that has been more difficult in the past with a pair of slacks. However, tailored trousers seem to be a worthy alternative. They have been around for a while so its no surprise that mainstream fashion has allowed them to adapt and mature. Then again though, I could be the one that is finally maturing and adapting to other styles. I guess when you are willing to wonder freely and not sit still you never know what kind of potential you could unlock.