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Navy Daze

I love coffee. That's hardly a surprise, right? I am just like any other working professional. You could say that I depend on my cup of coffee to kickstart my energy and productivity for the day. Most days, I would usually have a cup in the morning and then another in the afternoon. But I guess if I'm being honest here, most days require that second morning cup. However, with every sip, those superstitions you'd have shouted at you when you were growing up come flying back. "Don't drink too much coffee or you will turn into a bean", "Don't open an umbrella indoors" and "Don't wear black and navy". We have all heard them, right? Some of those taboos may have been broken but of course, some still linger today. 

Now, I've figured out that I'm not going to turn into a coffee bean so why not break the age old myth that I cant wear black and navy together. It seems to be a pretty baseless rule to be honest. If we were all to follow the belief that colours that look similar cant be put together then that would bring an end to tonal dressing entirely. Wearing black and navy only presents a problem when you are actually looking for one (and when your navies are more black base in tone, sigh). Apart from that, the contrast can actually be quite pleasing. Rules are meant to be broken.