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Layer + Layer

And just like that - it is winter once again. How did that happen? I'm not too sure who we have ticked off but it seems like winter is here to stay now. I'm looking for that silver lining with all the layering and all that jazz but the only layering that I've been doing over the past two days is with my bed covers. As the temperatures drop those dreaded vomiting bugs are back in full swing too. And while I don't like being clutched to a toilet several times throughout the day, I'd like to think that there is always a silver lining out there somewhere.

When you are sick people always tell you to keep warm, but that only makes it easier to sacrifice your style for warmth. All these heavy coats emerge and cloak winter fashion like a cocoon. Nobody likes to be sick but choosing style over warmth doesn't have to be a sacrifice either. You want warmth and comfort. You want shearling. Derived from sheep and lambs, shearling has been used for years as a lining on outerwear. Be careful though, you don't want to go into overkill with it. Get that balance right and then you will be turning those heads. I guess I'll be laying a lot more than bed covers after all.