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Go Chunky [or go home]

It doesn't matter whether your knitwear has been donated by a Kashmiri goat, an Australian merino sheep or if it has come off the cotton plains in the United States - knitwear has become a huge part of every mans clothing collection. And im not just talking about utility, but style too. Over the past couple of decades there have been so many advances in the quality of yarn, milling technology and even printing techniques that knitwear has become much more flexible in the contemporary mans wardrobe. 

However, that does not mean that all knits are born equal. There will always be some that will have you looking like a James Bond villain (and not in a good way) - an ignominy that no stylish gent should have to go through. It essentially comes down to the fit. Stay away from all kinds of knitwear that fit a little too tightly - its very uneasy to see. You want the knit looking on point instead of clapped out. Its colder than a witches tit out there so what you need is a tightly ribbed jumper (roll neck, of course) to keep that chill out. Its time to go chunky or go home. 

Go chunky but keep that silhouette close to the frame. Pull it off and you look like an intelligent gentleman. Get it wrong - well then you just look like one of those stuffy Geography teacher stereotypes.