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The Big Fella

So there it is. You have just received an invitation that states a "cocktail making session" is ahead of you. Cue the head scratching and puzzled expressions. Now I know what is to be expected but what the hell do you wear? Is there such a thing as cocktail attire? However, I'm not sure what I was more worried about - the outfit or the pending hangover *ahem* that may or may not happen. 

Lets be honest, We have all been there. Your head pounds louder than the music from the previous night, your stomach threatens to unleash god only know what and your pores, oh the pores, weep vodka tears (or whiskey? Whatever takes your fancy). Most people will tell you that fresh air will do you the world of good. That a boost in electrolytes and some vitamins will help you mend that broken body of yours. Yet, we all still go for that fry up and snooze method. Not so effective you could say, but what is? 

The hair of the dog of course. We cant all hook ourselves up to an IV for a few hours so of course its got to be the hair of the dog. Its socially acceptable when you are downing Bloody Mary's at lunch, but not so much when you are necking those cans that are lying on your bedroom floor. Why would you need to do that though when you can just head down to Fade St. Social? A first for me, too. From interiors that will make you weak to cocktails that will make you, well, weak - this could quickly become a new favourite. All thanks to the Irish Blogger Association of course. 

Ps. The barmen make a stern 'Big Fella' at Fade St. (mine will always be better though).