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Masculinity Exists, Right?

Masculinity still exists, right? For the most part, men are socialized to believe that doing the most un-male thing is a weakness. The vulnerability and openness that is required for personal growth and self exploration is seen as weak. or even feminine (and that's at best). This couldn't be further from the truth though. But we still cant push aside that this common misconception still leaves men feeling pretty displaced. Even uncomfortable about the though of growth and discovery - things that don't fit into the "traditional male norms". Guys still hear those archaic sentences about what it means to be a male - Men provide. Men are strong, no matter what. Work always comes first. Being a man means being unemotional and stoic. 

What does it actually mean to be a man? You know, its arguably all of those things, But its also arguably none of those things. Twenty-first century masculinity looks a hell of a lot different than it did 50 years ago, there is no doubt about that. It is just one of those things that will always be in flux, providing us with different outlooks based on where you're from and essentially, whats expected of you. A lot less nebulous though are the skills that every man should have, today. 

1 - Always answer a woman when she asks “Do I look fat in this?” Stuttering can be far worse than death. 

2 - Change a light bulb (and a fuse), of course.

3 - Tie Ties (without the YouTube tutorial, lads). 

4 - Give a speech (even if you are half cut at your own birthday). 

5 - Give a proper handshake - we all know what people say about that.

6 - Cook - without endangering anyone's life. 

7 - They say you should know how to change a tyre but I'm going to let that one slide.

8 - Sew a button (now that's a lot easier than changing a tyre).

9 - Take a good photo. Its 2016, you have no excuse now.

10 - Dance better than your dad.

11 - Diffuse a fight (or at least be in the middle of it). Kidding of course.

12 - Lads, learn how to iron your clothes. Its a very simple job. 

13 - Ask someone on a date (without the old one liners).

14 - Make a cocktail. And then make another.

15 - Change the duvet covers without ending up inside the duvet (its a hard life when you live on your own). 

16 - Remove a stain. Whatever you do, do not let it set. 

17 - Always make small talk. Or at least feign interest.

18 - Indecisiveness at the bar isn't sexy - know your drink. 

19 - Manscape. You don't have to wax but you sure as hell don't want to be giving out maps for down there. 

20 - Know your limits - Tequila will always be the devil.

21 - Ask for help, seriously. 

Our views on masculinity will always change but the majority of traits that a man should have these days will always remain the same. Just don't let Oprah Winfrey tell you what it means to be a guy.