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Cloudy [with a chance of improvement]

Think of synonyms for the word neutral. 'Bland' and 'anodyne' come to mind. These are words that might actually fool you into thinking that a neutral hue is one that you should pass on. Don't let that happen though. Those greys can pack a punch. Wearing a single colour is a classic fashion trick - you are either going to look chic or garish. Think about it though, if you nail those neutrals then you are on your way to reaching a level of sartorial sophistication that you probably would not achieve otherwise. Shades of grey have always became trends in their own right - I don't have to point out the obvious here, do I? Grey is both versatile and extremely, and I mean extremely, easy to wear. Did I mention it flatters all skin tones? However, it can sometimes look a bit casual. Only sometimes though. All you have to do is mix and match those different tones like a boss. No pressure.