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3 Years, 7 Months + 18 Days

It's been three years, seven months and eighteen days since I first started blogging. Thats one thousand, three hundred and twenty six days. Stop. It was my love for menswear that originally made me start this blog and although I can go off topic sometimes, I think ive stood by my roots fairly well. Sticking by your roots can be difficult though. Just like trends coming and going, so do our tastes. Individual style has always been a big thing for me - I did start out on my very first post by saying 'Don't be a basic b***h' after all. Yes I'm obsessed with my own style and how I think certain colours and patterns go together but its how others do it that really gets me. In a good way, of course. Once you step back you see how people just glide towards different brands and subcultures. It gets less and less about fashion and more about how you express yourself. However, it doesnt really matter how you try to dress it up, males are always in direct competition with each other - each wanting to be top dog. In the past it would have been settled over who could hunt the most woolly mammoths but thankfully we have managed to leave those loincloths in the proverbial cave of manhood. What about these days, though? I read a quote once that said 'Good is the enemy of great' - so why not just go all in? Take a chance.