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Electric Picnic (A Place to Call Home)

For months many have been overly excited for Electric Picnic (including myself). But once one magazine casts doubt over the arrival of weather that would worry Noah, festival goers freak out. I guess its just that time of year again. And I guess that means we will be seeing huge lists being compiled over the next 24 hours of what to bring and what not to bring. That's fair, you want to be organised. But is it worth the stress? Just let the warm larger and what your friend Harry promised you was a paracetamol take over. I joke. The fun is what isn't in those lists, in what you forget and have to come up with an alternative. As long as you look well while you are making a fool out of yourself then who is really going to judge you in a field with not so many bathrooms? Two years ago I became best friends with 'Rocko' (a rock on a string) and I've brought him every year since. Don't mind the lists, let the adventure take over. Forget the wipes, 'dance yrself clean' at LCD Soundsystem. . . (that actually might be a bit rank!).