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Electric Picnic (Another World)

The concept of style might seem far and beyond to a place with a high concentration of Portaloos but some festivals just know how to do it. Shook is one of the many words I could use to describe how I am feeling right now but EP managed to raise the bar once again this year. From losing my friends at the end of 'The 1975', to running into an old friend before 'The Chemical Brothers', to hearing 'Gavin James' covering Dancing In The Dark by 'Bruce Springsteen'. From dancing my lonesome self into the middle of a packed 'Daniel Avery' crowd to viewing the whole campsite from the very top of a tree (well almost) - This festival is going to remain fresh in my head for a very long time. Without a doubt, this place still stands as my favourite holiday. Some festivals change more times than the Sugababes but this one knows the suss. Until next year, EP, until next year. . .